Microsoft Word Templates

Two different types of templates are available to assist you in preparing your CV.

If you prefer to copy and paste substantially from another document, consider using the Outline Template which includes the headings for each category of the CV. By using the Outline Template in conjunction with the Instructions (download a PDF of the Instructions by clicking here), you can copy from a prior CV or other document and reformat according to the Instructions.

If you prefer to enter your CV information directly into tables which are preformatted according to the new CV guidelines, use the Pre-formatted Template compatible with your operating system. This version of the template provides hyperlinks to the relevant instructions for each section. The column headings and table gridlines will disappear when you print your document.

Although you may delete the tables for any specific section and cut and paste from a prior document, because of formatting features embedded in this template, cutting and pasting from another document may result in unanticipated modification of your prior text. Please review your document in 'print preview' mode (provide the guidance as to where that is in each operating system) to verify that the final formatting is as intended.

Pre-formatted templates

CV Outline (MS DOC)